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>>>A 7m³ Clamshell grab on a Sennebogen 835

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A 7m³ Clamshell grab on a Sennebogen 835


A 7m³ Clamshell grab on a Sennebogen 835

With The Grab Specialist B.V. from Almere in The Netherlands it’s possible! TGS has developed a hydraulic clamshell grab for Buijs Groot-Ammers that is customized especially for handling potting soil. Potting soil is a light weight material and has the property that when it is being compacted it will get sticky and then there will be material left in the grab, what you want to avoid ofcourse. The other thing about potting soil is that it is so light weight that when there is just a breeze, it will be airborne. Buijs Groot-Ammers asked if they could offer a solution. The grab would be used on a Sennebogen 835 but also needed to work on a Sennebogen 850. The challenge to manufacture a light weight grab that would meet these requirements, TGS was happy to take on. So directly after that TGS started designing the grab .

The grab got special formed bucket shells to prevent the compacting and the problem of material being left in the grab without the use of ejectors. The sidewalls of the grab are formed conical to the outside so the bucket width is larger. Alongside the customized form of the shells, they are also being built with RVS at the inside of the shells they did this to completely rule out the problem of material being left in the grab. To content with environmental laws and material being blown out by the wind the grab was being executed with light weight lids with a pivoting system that when there is overcapacity the grab will overflow the material without it being compacted and will fully seal the grab against the wind.

With success! The grab was being used directly after delivery on the Sennebogen 835 crane and the first ship was unloaded successfully in the transshipment bunker. The grab unloads the material without any pot soil being left in the shells. The crane could, despite the 7m³ capacity, easily handle all the material and TGS has proven itself again as the market leader in manufacturing, designing and developing of grabs.


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