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>>>Grabbing beetroot with TGS

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Grabbing beetroot with TGS


Grabbing beetroot with TGS

The HB-1900 that TGS had developed, is executed with heavy-duty scale tubes combined with improved wheels that will assure them of a durable grab that will have a very long lifespan. Besides that, the grab has got an extra-large bucket width and a light weight body to get the maximum capacity of their machine. In addition to that, when designing the grab there was also being thought about maintenance. To assure them of short maintenance times TGS has placed the hoses and other parts so that they are easily accessible. The grab is being built 100% at our factory in Almere just like every other grab and is only made with materials of the highest quality.


TGS offers the beetroot grab in any size. TGS also has a big stock of grabs for the recycling, dredging, water works, salvage and many other markets at the best price-quality ratio and service that will blow you away.

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