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>>>Mechanische Schaar Grijper

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Four rope mechanical Scissor grab

This exclusive concept is popular with companies that continuously transfer large volumes of coal and ore. It is easy to use, requires little to no maintenance and always works. The scissors grab is most efficient in combination with automated,computer controlled unloading installations (bridge cranes etc.) A scissors grab has an incredibly long life-span, 
often up to twice as long as other grabs in its class.

The unique closing mechanism of the scissors grab is very fast and this has the effect, that short cycle times are possible because the grab closes very fast. A very low centre of gravity means the grab is highly stable and there is less loss of time as a result of the grab falling over. The large 'grab surface' of the scissors grab means it has a better 'cleaning-up capacity whereby for the last 30 % of bulk in a ship holds, hardly any use has to be made of bulldozers or manpower. The scissors grab can be opened to near horizontal level, whereby the grab can get closer to the bunker or delivery chute. This minimises loss of load and air pollution. There are many other differences of technical character, material use and design whereby the scissor grab offers characteristics and advantages not present in other grab. So, when major demands have to be made to transfer large quantities of coal and ore fast and efficiently, with a maximum user-friendliness, minimal maintenance and downtime of the grab, this grab is the right choice.

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Pictures of the Four rope mechanical Scissor grab

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