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>>>Electro Hydraulic Clamshell Grabs

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Electro Hydraulic (Motorised) Clamshell Grabs

The Electro Hydraulic (Motorised) dual scoop Clamshell is specially designed for charging and discharging bulk materials and is to be fitted on cranes with one single drum ( mainly ship board cranes or harbour cranes). The grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steel.

If the ships cranes are not executed with accessories yet, The Grab Specialist can also supply accessories which need to be mounted on your ships cranes for operation of the grabs. 

Sometimes when you for example are chartering various ships, it is not allowed to mount the accessories on the ships cranes, therefore we have also designed an alternative: “Deck Towers”. The Deck Towers can be put on the deck of the ship and are equipped with all necessary accessories for operation of the grab. The Deck Towers are executed with extremely strong magnets and can be put on the deck of the ship.

There are 2 types of deck towers: Electric-Mechanical Deck Towers or Motor Driven Deck Towers. The most suitable type Depends on the required winding length of the cable and/ or the required kW of the motor.

Grab Execution

The grabs shells can be executed with Kick Plates to reduce capacity in case of heavier cargoes and to prevent the maximum lifting capacity of your crane being exceeded.

The grabs can also be executed with fully closed shells with dust vents.

The grabs can be executed in any required weight and capacity.

Pictures and models of the Electro Hydraulic Clamshell Grabs

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