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>>>Mechanical Diaphragm Wall Grabs

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Mechanical Diaphragm wall Grabs

The Diaphragm Wall Grabs are the best solution to excavate diaphragm walls in all soil conditions up to a soil hardness of 70 mPA as light chiselling work is possible. The Diaphragm wall grab is available with grab extensions for a total length of 4 to 16 m and also with extra ballast to reach a total weight of up to 35 ton for even the most demanding projects.

Jaws may be rectangular or round shape. Jaws, ropes, pulleys and different teeth can be quickly replaced on site without any problems. All rope and guide pulleys have adequately dimensioned, maintenance-free bearings filled with grease.

Diaphragm Wall Grabs for digging diaphragm walls by building tunnels etc. Next this diaphragm wall will be filled with bentonite, because of this there will arise a carrying and/or a water- sand baffling construction. During the digging a liquid will be added to support the diaphragm wall. The stability of the diaphragm wall will arise because of the hydrostatical pressure of the liquid. Digging diaphragm walls will take place at great depths, 50 metres or more isn’t unusual. The demands of the bearings, of all turning parts are very high, because this grab is constantly working in a mix of sand and liquid. Therefore specially closed bearings are being used. These grabs are manufactured at customers specifications. 

The Grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steels and can be manufactured in every required execution, capacity and weight. 

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