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>>>Mechanical Two Rope Clamshell Grabs

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Two Rope Mechanical Clamshell grabs

The Two Rope Mechanical Clamshell grabs for two line operated cranes (One Holding Rope and One closing Rope). The grabs are specially designed for charging and discharging sand, gravel and other bulk materials. The grabs can be executed with open or closed shells depending on the job and the type of material to be handled. The grabs are manufactured of high wear resistant steels. All bearings are heavy duty and sealed for high performance. 

Grab Executions

Optional the Grabs shells can be executed with Kick plates to reduce capacity.  This will give you an advantage when bulk materials with various densities are (dis)charged. This can be calculated to the biggest capacities possible in combination with the lifting capacity of your crane. 

Closed shells are to minimize dust clouds when the content of the load is powder. In many countries closed shells are mandatory to avoid pollution. The dust vents on top of the shells prevent a vacuum.

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