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>>Hudson river Project New York

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Hudson river Project New York

Hudson river Project New York

In 1609 a Dutchman sailed up the Hudson River.  In what may be more than a coincidence, 400 years later another Dutchman, Mr. Emiel Bleyenberg from the Dutch company T.G.S. The Grab Specialist b.v., has returned from Holland to the Hudson River with over 40  specially built environmental clamshell buckets. TGS has supplied over 40 buckets to the Hudson River Sediment Remediation project located on the Hudson River in New York.

TGS operated on a 24 hour per day – 7 day per week basis to maintain the project schedule. The level cut clamshell buckets  are mounted on excavators and fitted with full rotating equipment, closing sensors, and GPS  for the removal of PCB contaminated sediment.

The project is still running and more grabs are to be delivered by TGS.

The great advantage of this type of clamshell bucket is that it closes on a fixed horizontal plane while at the same time creates low turbulence and maintains high production.
The buckets are constructed from high strength steel that provides a low empty bucket weight, which in return provides a larger bucket capacity.


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